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This is my ad is for meeting a kink friendly bedroom submissive, slave, switch, top or bottom, or daddy dom roleplayer that lives in Montreal Quebec Canada

Chances are you have searched for alternative lifestyle relationships, polyamory, Kink, BDSM, spankings, bondage, whippings, role-playing in the West island or Montreal Quebec. Which is why at present this site is my way of finding a kindred spirit as online dating sites aren't kink friendly

Placing ads on vanilla sites usually gets me no response or insults to an alternative lifestyle. I am truly fortunate to have been blessed with so many fun loving friends and for all those I have helped with my healing touch, soothing voice and friendly ear.

Please read my testimonials.

My Email is MontrealFirstContact@gmail.com

History with Attitudes

I first created Attitudes in 1998.The site was used for promoting BDSM kink friendly fundraiser events for charity in 2002(see the kinky fetish events tab) Many of my fellow kinksters performed BDSM Kink fetish spanking bondage acts to promote the BDSM lifestyle as fun, therapeutic as well as safe sane and consensual.

When kink started becoming more acceptable, I offered my home dungeon for rent as well as private workshops to couples. I also offered non sexual therapeutic spankings as well as touch therapy sessions. I now use the site as a personal ad for seeking a fellow hedonist, kinky submissive, switch, bottom, age player (18+ real age) women and hopefully a kindred spirit for a long term friendship.

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