Sensual Massage for Men by a Women

It’s time to discover sensual massage for men, including special cock massage, here you can witness the almost sacred ritual of cock honoring and worshipping.

The erotic massage can be both very relaxing and stimulating, and if a masseuse is really good, it will be a sheer delight for a man’s senses. Most of the men who have tried it, say that it is even better than sex, and they are right since the intimate atmosphere and the strong connection building between the giving and the receiving person have a very stimulating effect on all the erogenous zones. To be frank, even the most creative sexual intercourse can rarely stimulate all the erogenous zones a man has, where the professionally done erotic massage can and will. It will be perfectly OK if you cum to completion in the end, though it is not the main purpose of such a massage, and you will see that I enjoy the whole session from the very start to the final point. Sensual Massage is a very intimate almost spiritual experience between the masseuse and the person receiving the massage.

male sensual massage

About me:


  • I am a Cute, Petite, 4'10", 100lbs, Playful, Sweet, Flirty, Kinky & Fun; Warm, Accommodating & Friendly Woman.
  • I am Playful, Sweet, Flirty, Kinky & Fun; Warm, Accommodating & Friendly Women.
  • I am not dominant
  • I love to please so I look forward to hearing what turns you on.
  • I love what I do and YOU WILL FEEL IT, I do it with a Sweet & Loving Personal Touch.
  • I use all natural, organic massage oils that are vitamin infused and nourish your skin.

As to the techniques of the erotic massage for men, they can differ considerably, but their stress-relieving and arousing effect will be the same. A masseuse can be naked or dressed up, she can use just her hands or the whole of her body to increase the visual and the sensitive effect on a receiving man. She will start with gentle touching and relaxing stroking letting her oily fingers glide from top to toe of the man’s body, releasing all the tension and sending pleasant sensations to every nerve ending before focusing on his groin. If it is a body-to-body massage, she will let her soft feminine body brush over his most sensitive areas to make him ready and willing for the more intimate worshipping of his manhood.

It is not a must for a man to develop an erection to enjoy a cock massage to the full, however, it will be really hard not to, what with all the effort spent on him. Besides a skilled masseuse can read the body language and she knows exactly how to gradually bring a man to the ultimate arousal. She will speed up or slow down the pace, switch from stimulating technique another at precisely the right moment to maximize the man’s pleasure and make him reach cloud nine.

Offered in a Safe and Private Sensual Bliss Hideaway near Hudson, QC and Ville Saint Laurent in the west of montreal

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