Kink Links

The following kinky websites may be helpful to you as you explore erotic, spanking and or BDSM fantasies.

Helpful Sources from the Original Attitudes Website

Introduction to Spanking from at

Masochism as a Spiritual Path by Dorothy C. Hayden, CSW at

Why Pain is Good (A discussion of endorphins) at

Spanking and Discipline at

Additional Sources of Information

Different Equals at offers a glossary of BDSM terms with which you may not be familiar

Dominant and Submissive Headspace at explains the common terms subspace and Domspace

Is Spanking an Escape for Powerful Women at

The Kinsey Institute Sexuality FAQ (click on BDSM) at

A Loving Introduction to BDSM at

Spanking and You: The Psychology of Adult Spanking at and

Your Sexual Horoscope at and also is a fun site.

Why Would a Woman Want to be Spanked at

Warning! Adult Content:

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