Kinky montreal Couples Training

In addition to working with individuals interested in BDSM or spanking therapy, I also work with couples to help them learn how to spank and how to prepare for a BDSM scene.

The first step in this process is to meet with you to discuss who is the dominant/top and who is the submissive/bottom (there are many terms for these roles, but these are the most commonly used). I will help you to understand what the roles Dominant and submission entail including what it means to be safe, sane and consensual. We will explore the correct use of implements and how to keep your partner safe.

There are many different skills required to participate in a BDSM and there are many different activities such as those found on my BDSM Services page.

I'll not just show you the ropes, I will teach you how to use them.

In a BDSM relationship it is easy to hurt your partner by going too far to fast. I will teach you how to expand limits safely so that it is a good experience for both partners. BDSM can be an erotic addition to your relationship and really spice things up.

My more than 20 years of experience should help to assure you that you will receive the guidance to make either a discipline or a BDSM relationship work. If you wish to make an appointment to discuss training, what is involved, where it takes place and fees please contact me via the email address below.

Of course if you just want to add some spice to your relationship you can rent out my dungeon. I have a wide assortment of toys and furniture.

Another very important aspect that I will teach you is the importance of aftercare. Floating Back to Earth - AfterCare.

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